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My specialty is finding amazing talent & curing chaos. I turnaround struggling teams by driving to clarity, matching talent with value-add responsibility & by managing with metrics linked to business outcomes. By working beyond functional boundaries & role to effect real needed change, I create a culture of accountable, planned and engaged. I possess an innate ability to read people & situations. Trusted for discretion, known for getting real and telling it like it is.

I’m an accomplished people leader with a career delivering results through people in multiple disciplines. Signature leadership strengths are simplify & measure, own the relationship, and team transformations. My passion is finding talent and enabling others to be successful. My skills transport to any industry and to the private sector. If you’re a business owner too busy to hire help or bogged down in day-to-day tasks keeping you from what’s important, let me put 20+ years of experience to work for you. I will step in quickly and create more time to grow your business, more room for you to dream, and more time for you and your team to be your absolute best!



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I have worked with Lori for over 10 years and love the passion and energy she brings to any role and to the team! Lori has a knack for finding the right talent for any position - she is able to dig deep to understand exactly what talent is needed for a role and then find that talent in great individuals who will fit well into the team. I have worked with her in different fields and she has been able to do this successful across all of them! Lori is definitely a hiring badass! Lori is incredibly creative and she definitely has a way with words - I know I can always depend on Lori to help me jazz up any presentation or poster which makes it so much more impactful for the audience! She is an open and warm individual and is very thoughtful. These personality traits enable her to take and provide feedback in a very positive way, with both peers and leaders. She has been a great mentor to me and others. I always value her insights and thoroughly enjoy working with her!  

Jyoti Dharna
Design Lead
The Climate Corporation

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