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Yancey Consulting, LLC is now offering Resume Revitalizing and Interview Coaching! 

Whether you're a new college graduate or 30-year veteran in your industry, your resume and cover letter offer you a competitive advantage over everyone else applying for your dream job. It takes more than flashy fonts and templates to get on the shortlist. It's worth investing in professional help to tell your story as engaging and compelling as possible. Let Yancey Consulting prepare you to get interviews for great jobs! 

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Resume Revitalizing 

Recruiters want clear & concise information describing what you know, the impact you've made, and how you've grown & applied what you've learned. What's more, your character and personality need to come through your resume. We'll work to fully understand where you are today and where you want to go. Each of your experiences will be written to capture the value you added and personal growth you achieved and how you've impacted others. Our focus is content - describing your worth and character. We'll revise until you're happy with the product. 


Don't stop with your resume. Employers spend as much time looking at your social media accounts as they do your resume. We'll update your digital presence and provide pointers on getting professional endorsements of your strengths.  

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The best cover letters tell your story such that it engages the reader and wins the interview. We can teach you to modify your letter for each position you apply to and to make you stand out! 

Interviewing 101 

Worried you'll blow the interview? Practice sessions can give you the confidence to tackle hard questions and to promote your strengths and natural talents. Didn't get the job? We'll help you understand feedback and can provide career coaching to find a great fit. 

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Perfecting Your Resume. Looking to Change Jobs? 

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Happy Clients

"Lori has helped me hire 3 employees for our small business. She has saved me countless hours by screening the applicants and narrowing the selection process to just a few. She has a gift at attracting great talent!

Even our new employees said how comfortable Lori made them feel during the interview process. I highly recommend any business looking to recruit to new employees to use Lori for the process. She is an absolute life saver!!"

- Linda B.