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Today’s business climate requires companies to innovate and operate at high levels of performance just to stay ahead of the competition.

Yancey Consulting works closely with clients to provide thoughtful insights into business challenges. We develop strategies and plans to address each, including a path to enable and deploy change.

We offer services to bring peace of mind for issues that businesses face today. These include enhancing customer experiences, enabling and sustaining change, and improving operational performance to allow your business to transform and grow.

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Hiring Top Talent

Yancey Consulting prides itself on finding top talent that exemplifies your business culture and values. No amount of experience can make up for mismatched values or inadequate soft skills. Often times poor hires happen because leaders are simply too busy to put in the time needed to do it right.

We will:

Work with hiring managers to create enticing job descriptions with clearly defined responsibilities and skill requirements

Handle all aspects of the recruiting & interviewing process

Bring forward hirable candidates for face-to-face interviews with pre-determined panel/managers

Provide interview guides and recommendations for hire based on the current role and future potential growth

Handle communications with non-selected candidates and perform close-out responsibilities

People and processes

If you're in a position of leadership, you are responsible for not only the success of your company or department but the productivity of your employees. With our help, you will gain the skills needed to overcome obstacles and challenges in a productive manner.  We take the time to understand your unique situation and skill set, coaching you to become a successful and efficient manager. 

You will learn:

To see you yourself, strengths, and weaknesses more clearly

How to accurately assess those around you

New ways to direct, lead, and respond to your team and challenges

How to build productive relationships in the midst of obstacles

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Process & Organization Assessments

A company’s ability to deliver value is rooted in its processes, organization structure, and its people. World-class organizations constantly review how work is getting done and the effectiveness of core operational areas. We will work with you on assessing performance and maturity levels of operations and customer services to identify issues and improve performance.

Operational challenges can be:
Customer service issues – speed, responsiveness, overall quality
Lack of focus on core competencies
Silos – functions not working together for seamless integration

We can craft organization, team and individual goals based on adding value to the business. A non-performing employee doesn’t just slow a company down. Poor customer interactions can profoundly damage the business’ reputation. Unchecked performance issues reflect poorly on leadership and hurt morale. We can provide guidance on regular performance reviews and building a people strategy.

Employee-related challenges can be:
Inefficiencies – redundant tasks, non-value added work Loosely defined roles & responsibilities
Misalignment of skills & abilities with roles
Creating an outcome based/goal oriented culture of accountability and improvement

Happy Clients

I've known Lori professionally for over 10 years - working with her directly in Monsanto & at The Climate Corporation. What sets Lori apart (& I mean above and beyond) is her unique, spectacular ability to select talent. Lori takes the time to understand what's missing within a team....not just the role....what's really missing in terms of skill/talent that will have the biggest impact on the outcome of the team's objectives.....and sets out with passion and gusto to find the person meant for that team. I have always admired the way Lori senses the dynamics of a situation and knows just what to do or say to guide things back to a state of equilibrium. Lori is also superb at giving "gifts" as I like to call it....knowing that sometimes the best most needed thing is often the hardest thing to hear. On more than one occasion I saw Lori able to connect with those on our team in a way that allowed individuals to hear the thing that was ultimately holding them back...& it was done in a way the individual could positively act. She has a way of doing this with class, clarity & empathy that few people possess! A true professional with a giant heart who is authentically driven to help others be their best self. 

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